Supporting refugees in hosting countries 

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Most of African countries took initiatives to introduce progressive policies that enable refugees to become self-reliant, while supporting host communities. But because refugees are affected by on going crisis and embarked on long and exhausting journey's, they need some help to improve and sustain livelihoods.

Agri-entrepreneurship has recently become a solution to unemployment which is the main problem of today's economy and its innovative features. Therefore, starting own business for refugees is not just a strategy to improve labour market, but it is also a mean of improving their social-economic position in hosting countries. 


We are a group of X-refugees from East Africa living in the Netherlands, and we decided with some Dutch friends to share our experience with other refugees in hosting countries. This to eliminate the suffering of the refugees blockaded in far places out of reach by either national and international humanitarian organizations. 


This initiative is driven by a collection of “Good examples in integration and participation.” These examples provide innovative and practical solutions to common problems and challenges through training, mentorship and business counselling. 


This pilot project currently identify and evaluate effective strategies for designing small businesses in three different camps: Kiryandongo refugee settlement - Uganda, Shagarab camp - Sudan and Dadaab Refugee complex - Kenya.